In this FMA Strength Table series, FMA Founder Mark Buckley interviews some of the most influential coaches and trainers in the industry – unsurprisingly, they have all been through FMA.

These interviews focus on various areas of training and coaching clients – with actionable ideas you can take away and use with your clients.  You’ll also learn how these superstars and industry veterans built their skillset and profile from the ground up to become truely go-to trainers in their space.


In this FMA Strength Table, Mark Buckley and Hattie Boydle discuss the key foundations and mistakes women make during comp prep and strength training.
 – They key strength foundations that need to be in place that you’ll never see posted on instagram.
 – Why you shouldn’t be copying workout plans instagram models are promoting online and what to do instead.
 – Why being you should aspire to be a beginner frequently and to focus on progression.
 – Why 8 week comp prep is impossible, and will cause blowout afterwards.
 – Why beginners tend to want to undertake the most advanced training, and more advanced athletes will love the foundation work.


In this FMA Strength Table, Mark Buckley and Rachel Godfrey discuss negotiating the difficult world of clients with body image issues.
 – Combatting the never ending ways people are now being bombarded with unrealistic body image
 – Engaging clients and develop long term behavioural change in a healthy way
 – Understanding your client’s internal dialog and use that to your advantage
 – Why clients like diets where they don’t need to “think” – and why that’s incredibly problematic.
 – How to point out the blindspots for your clients and why it’s a crucial skill for a trainer


In this FMA Strength Table, Mark Buckley and Sebastian Oreb discuss rookie mistakes lifters make.
 – How little tweaks in technique on the big lifts can make a huge difference
 – How to actually define a rookie or a beginner and why that definition is crucial to your coaching
 – The key technique a silverback gorilla uses to win MMA fights
 – How to find the “perfect” technique with different types of clients
 – Why focussing on one technique can mean you running the risk of injuring your clients
 – The crucial things to look for when deciding when you need to deload your clients


In this interview with Mark Luxon of FMA and Luke Leaman of Muscle Nerds you’ll learn why it’s so important to continue learning from quality providers.

What can a 20 year veteran of the industry learn from a FMA “introductory” course?  A lot.  In this interview Luke discusses what he learned from FMA Certification and why it is so critical even for people who have been in the industry for a long time, as Luke has.

Luke is undoubtedly a go-to expert and veterans in his field.  He’s at the top of his game and really knows his stuff.  His insights in this interview are pure gold.


There’s no point continually booking your time out over and over again and becoming exhausted when trying to grow your business.

To grow your business you need to add on something new. Something more highly profitable.  Something more leveraged.

Most people think you need to go online to be leveraged.  You don’t.  There’s a number of bolt-on services & products you could introduce at your gym to increase both your authority and profit in your area.

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Julia Ladewski:

Here we talk about what ever trainer needs to know when training women How to take women from STRONG to STRONG(HER).

How to factor in things like menstrual periodisation to get the most training Why training women like men can be setting them up to fail