What is FMA?

FMA was created in response to the wide range of demands required in the Health & Fitness industry.

Cert  3&4 in fitness was leaving PT's feeling under trained and overwhelmed.

University Degrees was leaving Sports Science, Physio and other Allied Health students feeling under-prepared for working with clients in the real world.

Strength and Conditioning

You got into health and fitness to make a difference.

You were taught to strengthen your clients and make them strong.

You wanted to become a go-to trainer — and you realised that in order to be "in-demand" you had to become a better trainer yourself.

That you needed to up-skill your ability to assess, screen, and sell PT and bring in more clients.

Allied Health

You didn’t go to university for years to be a mediocre practitioner. You wanted to be an excellent practitioner.
You wanted to be able to rise above your peers and build a career — or even a practice of your own.
… so you went to where you thought you’d get the best education.
… where you thought you’d get the best foundational knowledge and skills.

But now you're worried that maybe your university education isn't going to give you the edge you'd hoped.

You're worried about being able to take all the theory you've learnt at uni and putting it into practice with clients... because everyone wants a practitioner with experience.


Allied Health


We bring out the best from the university level sports science and education - the evidence based science, diagnostic skills and rehabilitation assessment.


We bring the very best from both the Allied Health & Strength and Conditioning worlds to create what we call

The Hybrid Trainer

A trainer who can speak the language of both worlds, who can effortlessly work with clients who's problems stem from either world.  To know where the line is between being able to work through a problem and when referral to a specialist is required



We bring the best from the Strength & Conditioning world - the programming, mobility, movement and nutrition.

A trainer who becomes the go-to trainer because of their track record of developing TRUST and RESULTS with their clients.

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